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Royal Air Moroc(RAM) is Morocco's national largest airlines. Formerly, Royal Air Moroc was known as Royal Moroccan Airlines. Mainly from Muhammad V international Airport, Royal Air Moroc is interestingly nationalized by Government.The main key flights which it operates include domestic flights, international flights and certain charter flights, introduced on certain occasions.

Commercial Partners:

Royal Air Moroc has signed codeshare agreements and is a proud commercial partner of many of the leading airlines, a fact that adds a milestone with the Airlines name, adding to its reputable enterprise and establishing trust among the valuable customers. Some of the commercial partners to RAM are Brussels Airlines, Etihad Airways, Turkish airways and Iberia Emirates, Air Nostrum, Air France etc. Quite interestingly, besides operating through Casablanca-Anfa, RAM has explored Air Senegal International, Air Gabon International and Atlas Blue as its former subsidiaries.

Passenger and Cargo Fleet:

RAM has in its operations some of the tremendous and out-standing aircrafts, equipped with next generation modern technology and fulfilling all safety measurements, which is a reason of the trustworthy and secure services provided by the airline to its customers. It aims at providing cheap tickets to its customers being less hectic as compared to other airlines. At present RAM is using following dream liners and next generation aircrafts with a total of 40 in service jets:

Passenger Fleet:

Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 767- 300 ER, Boeing 787- 8

Cargo fleet:

Boeing 787-8, Boeing 737-300F It has also operated through a series of Douglas, Britannia, Fokker Log head, Caravelle, but undergrounded some time ago, For the insurance of your convenience and safety a Boeing 787- Dreamliner-6 can be operated on order.

Royal Air Maroc Destinations

  • Cheap Flights to Abidjan £649
  • Cheap Flights to Accra £541
  • Cheap Flights to Dakar £625
  • Cheap Flights to Brazzaville £694
  • Cheap Flights to Douala £641
  • Cheap Flights to Conarky £648
  • Cheap Flights to Cotonou £657
  • Cheap Flights to Free Town £609
  • Cheap Flights to Kinshasa £670
  • Cheap Flights to Tangier £213
  • Cheap Flights to Libreville £829
  • Cheap Flights to Niamey £659
  • Cheap Flights to Malabo £687
  • Cheap Flights to Yaounde £641
  • Cheap Flights to Banjul £667
  • Cheap Flights to Lome £669
  • Cheap Flights to Bangui £635
  • Cheap Flights to JFK £971
  • Cheap Flights to Casablanca £265
  • Cheap Flights to Ouagadougou £718
Destinations and operations:

Royal Air Maroc has been operating through an extensive domestic, regional and international network with short-haul and long-haul flights. It conveys its safest and trustworthy services to Asia, Africa, and United States of America, United Arab Emirates and many other continents and states, providing you the best of our on-board amenities. Royal Air Moroc operates with the main hubs at the ground of Casablanca-Anfa Airport and Mohammad V international airport.

Recent Achieved Landmark:

By staying on track of the tradition of the airline to keep adding new landmarks and opening new horizons of larger extents, Royal Air Moroc has recently added a millstone to its history by forming a partnership deed with New York's hometown airline ''The JetBlue Airways'', in order to release more options in its added destinations and to provide convenient and uninterrupted direct flights from Morocco to America. This deed would ensure cheap and secure flights with better than ever on-board services on Morocco-America route.

On board meal services:

Royal Air Moroc treats you luxuriously to make you feel special. One outstanding service offered by RAM is its restaurants service depending on the class type you are travelling. RAM has got trained master chefs to provide you with exotic range of deliciouscuisines to give a boost to your taste buds. It includes a drink served before meal, starter, salad, 3 hot dishes of your choice, one Moroccan, one international and the third one any light dish, a wide selection of cheeses, deserts, seasonal fruits, and premium quality wines to be served with meals. Making you feel exactly like you are dining in a five star restaurant.

Safar Flyer:

One of the tremendous offers by Royal air Moroc includes The Safar Flyer membership, honoring you 3000 miles free and certain other exhilarating benefits from discounted offers and up gradation of excess luggage. It further features gift boxes to ten lucky members of 2012. All you have to do is to register, and get your blue card to unveil unlimited exotic offers.

Bookings and Reservations:

Royal Air has make it very easy to access and book for any country. You can book simply by calling at our friendly customer services number or you can send us your enquiry and one of our team member will get back to you within 24 hour. If you want quality services with economical price RAM would be the best choice. Call us now and enjoy a memorable journey with best customer services.

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